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The format and layout of any personal web page should be tailored to the individual who creates and maintains those pages. Probably one of the best examples of this is Jamie Zawinski's page. Unfortunately, these days it seems that most web pages are boringly identical regardless of who produced them. Usually this is a product of the tools used for the creation, to the point that it is almost trivial to determine what tool was used just by visual inspection of the page. I personally would rather have some character in pages, and these are my attempt at it. If you don't like the layout, colours, format, etc. of this web page, don't simply complain. Any fool can complain. If you don't like it, download the offending pages, edit them to your liking, and send them to me. Better yet, just send me the patches. If I like the changes, I'll use them. I'll even credit you for the change. However, I will ignore anything that amounts to a complaint without a corresponding corrective action. Critics are a dime-a-dozen. Creative workers who solve problems are rare.

By the way: yes, I am well-aware that my web page is not valid XHTML 1.0 transitional. It is done for a simple reason: Firefox. Specifically, I use the firefox web browser (my web pages seem to look best with it) and it, unfortunately, does not always do the right thing. Specifically, when specifying the <hr> tag color in the css style file, or in a style declaration, it ignores it. Only when I specify it as <hr color="#333333" /> do I get the desired colour (which Americans cannot seem to spell correctly ...).

Paul A.S. Ward
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