Programming As Art

Gratuitously stolen from rec.humor.funny. The original is allegedly here

I decided that, since programming is an art, we ought to be able to classify types of programmers. Here is a start; any additions gleefully accepted.

The Picasso programmer: As a whole the system works, but each piece is a warped view of reality.

The Jackson Pollack programmer: Throws code at the system, trying to see what works.

The Georges Seurat programmer: When you step back from the system, you can see the overall pattern, but close up each piece is totally distinct from all of the others. (Actually, this is a pretty good description of OO design).

The Michalangelo programmer: Has a grand, sweeping view of what the system should do, but each piece is done in such meticulous detail that it takes years to finish anything.

Paul A.S. Ward
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