Random Quotes

Robert Heinlein: Anyone who considers protocol unimportant has never dealt with a cat.

Paul Ward [on eating meat]: "My ancestors didn't climb all the way up the food chain just to have me eat vegetables."

Derek Rayside [context on what he would do with unlimited time and money]: "I'd try to figure out how to live within my means."

George Orwell, "Animal Farm" (approximate quote): "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others."

Frank Ogden: "There is a bulldozer of change coming. You can be part of the bulldozer, or part of the road."

Andy Grove, Chairman, Intel on Nightly Business Report, Feb 22, 2001: "There's a risk associated with taking action, and people are very mindful of that, but for every action that has a risk associated with it, there's a contravailing risk [sp?] associated with _not_ taking that action."

Philip Greenspun (p. 7, "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing"): "Wasting time isn't wasteful anymore if you can write it up and keep other people from wasting time."

Philip Greenspun (p. 467, "Philip and Alex's Guide to Web Publishing"): "There are probably clever cryptographic ways to accomplish this. But if I paid $100,000 for an Oracle license, I shouldn't have to be clever."

Nathan's Law: "Software is a gas: it expands to fill the volume."

Nick Dewar (?) or was he the photographer? Red Herring editorial, December, 2001, p. 27: "Osama bin Laden, as is were, is a venture capitalist of terror. He does not coordinate terror so much as fund promising startups. A decentralized threat like al-Qaida's cannot be met by only a centralized response from the U.S. government. Instead, the world requires a decentralized strategy that includes not only the U.S. military and federal agencies, but also foreign governments and individuals."

Paul A.S. Ward
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