There is a theory that says the faculty are not employees of the university; they are the university. Given that view, they are expected to run the university. They are also expected to run the research world. This work is called service.
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Due to an inability to say "no" at strategic moments, I have served the university, the academic community, and the local community in a variety of ways. In particular, at the university I have served on the DACA of both ECE and CS, as well as various planning committees and sub-committees.

Within the wider academic community, I have reviewed papers for numerous conferences and journals, and have served on the program committee of CASCon 2004 and Networking 2005.

In the wider world, I am involved in a number of activities, notably Sunday School teaching and raising a somewhat over-sized family. If I could do anything I wanted to do, I'd probably be off somewhere reading a good book.

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