This page is divided into three components: current teaching, curriculum issues, and resources. Current teaching is intended to link you directly to the web page for courses I am teaching this year. Curriculum issues will tell you what aspects of the E&CE curriculum I may have some input on. Resources is a general repository of resources that students taking one or more of my classses may find useful.

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Current Teaching

Fall 2011

ECE 254: Operating Systems and Systems Programming

Curriculum Issues

In addition to my current teaching tasks, I am the course co-ordinator for ECE 250, 254, 351, 356, and 454.  Software Engineering does not have formal course co-ordinators, but I serve essentially the equivalent role for the SE fourth-year design project, which comprises SE 390, 490, and 491. What this means, roughly, is that I am responsible for curriculum changes, and keeping the course up to date.  If you take any of these courses, whether from me or a different instructor, I would appreciate your feedback on the current state of curriculum in those courses.

Finally, I have in the past served on the undergraduate planning committee, including the sub-committee on progarrming languages, and so if you have any general comments on the undergraduate program, be it EE, CE, or SE, please let me know.  Such comments can cover anything from curriculum issues, to programming-language selection, to faculty behaviour, to student morale, to whether or not there is enough pizza in the undergrad program.


Some tips on how to read research papers, write brief summaries of them, how to put together a proposal, etc.:

General advice: